GloBIVA Limited provides professional, smart-technology-based solutions and engineering services to support the development of smart communities, intelligently bridging the customers – the service seekers to the service providers. GloBIVA support programs that create social and economic value in the society through interlinking programs or entrepreneurial focus areas to form the “working alliances”. The alliances face similar challenges and pull together their enthusiasm and expertise to create value to the communities by overcome one of the most discouraging features of becoming successful – “isolation”. They thus lower the bar for becoming an entrepreneur, and open up new horizons to work smartly.

Global Business Initiative & Value Addition

GloBIVA is founded on principle of developing and supporting humane values that inspire and empower communities, young entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed and live healthy lifestyle. The organization is a Business and IT Solutions provider, an enabler of sustainable and respectable lifestyles, focusing on the use of smart technology, team building techniques, development of organizational and leadership skills, use of sustainable socio-economic solutions, effective deployment of best management practices and delivery of flagship mentorship programs to guide and transform communities to smarter societies.

The organization is part of the Alliances of Global Smart Communities (AGSC) initiative, focusing to make the world a nicer place through use of appropriate technology and flagship leadership and mentorship programs that connect, inspire and empower students, people and communities to see the world in its entirely and completeness, and promote the organization structures and machinery within the societies to work better and more efficient. GloBIVA provides technical advisory and support services to the Global Alliances of Smart Communities. In the United States, GloBIVA is represented by Global Connection Kenya.

The Scope

The delivery of Operation and Business IT services affects every facet of how organizations operates, grows and produces. The long-term success of the GloBIVA’s mission depends increasingly upon effective planning, monitoring and reporting – the basic components of decision-making required to critically and significantly support the growth of the organization.

GloBIVA’s strategic plan establishes the organization wide guiding principles for an effective decision making model, and the related authority levels. GloBIVA business initiatives and activities, includes activities of its alliances such as GCK, Event Crest etc.

The Challenge

The internet is globally connecting communities in special ways, yet the use of technology to impact meaningful change in the communities is still lacking even though the vast majority of current technological innovations is likely to alter our lives in fundamental ways. GloBIVA is challenged to identify new ways of working and living that have the most potential to improve the world, make a world nicer, so that we can invest our limited resources in them.

A neighborhood lacking digital literacy in today’s world is at a competitive disadvantage. Starting and running a self-sustaining business, learning about public & government services, paying bills – all these tasks and many others requires that information be readily accessible and intelligently supportive.


Local businesses, service providers and community organizations cannot afford to ignore the power of working smarter and communicating better. Yet many communities, or even some government entities have not embraced digital technology due to concerns about cost, complexity or relevance to their daily lives. The challenge of assessing the potential value of new ideas and tools to positively impact a transformational social change is a familiar one for most policymakers.

GloBIVA is committed to addressing this “issue” from business and technology perspective, that is” What help and impact technology can have in communities to move beyond “the usual transactional systems”, but rather to empower the communities to surge into a social and economic growth, to bridge the digital divide so that the interfaces between communities, governments, expert knowledge-based systems work “smarter”. What is possible—and fundamentally different—because of a new technology that wasn’t there before? How can engage the communities so that we make available services easily accessible, and tightly and suitably connecting the customers to the service providers? Why does it matter? And how to better understand the potential of information technology pieces to change the way our modern communities should work, with an important focus on ensuring that these changes benefit their low-income residents.

Addressing the Challenge

GloBIVA address these issues by using smart technologies and best business management techniques to support the development of Smart Communities. Through the use of effective training and mentorship programs, GloBIVA is to create bridges between technologies and multiple experts on particular issues and places that are essential to the vitality of the development of smart communities.

The Vision – the 5Ps

Our Vision guides every aspect of our business by describing how to achieve sustainable growth and quality delivery of our services.

  • Partnership – Work with trusted, reliable and readily available partners and professionals through global connections and healthy business relationships;
  • Perfection – Use creativity, discipline, unity, and competence to pursue perfection, to innovate and to achieve excellence;
  • Productivity – Drive effective economic growth through the promotion of all round prosperity, dependence and interdependence, and use of accountable, sustainable and transparent business etiquette;
  • Planet – Respect the Planet Earth and embrace responsible and business solutions that are environmentally friendly.
  • People – Be the best place to work and develop each other through genuine respect for uniqueness and diversify personalities;

The Approach

GloBIVA Limited is an enterprise global entity, a Business and IT Solution provider and enabler of use of smart technology to support development of smart communities.

ICT Network Infrastructure and OperationsOur goal is to empower and inspire communities, entrepreneurs and enterprises through leveraging the effective use of ICT for Development, promoting the transfer of relevant ICT knowledge, use of leadership and managerial best practices as well as application of transformational mentorship and global partnerships.

ICT Network Infrastructure and OperationsOur competitive edge is to use our expertise, connections and diverse experiences, creativity,commitment and passion gain in local and global arena to champion inventions, and effectively add value and constructive transformation to Business process and IT Solutions.

Our Clients

Our Clients are identified communities, schools, governments, social centers, public enterprises, business that require the use of smart technologies to improve or to manage their business in order to improve living conditions.

Inspire, Empower, Succeed.

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